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Nancy Mouton

As a Leadership and Executive Coach, Nancy is a highly skilled professional with a proven track record of success in leadership and management. With extensive experience coaching and training CEOs and executive leaders, she is an expert in creating empathic and goal-oriented workplaces that inspire commitment, motivation, and job satisfaction.

Experience & Activities

Nancy is a skilled problem-solver who is experienced in analysing the root cause of problems and developing practical solutions that tackle the issue at its core. She is an expert in developing empathic communication and motivational skills in individuals and teams to help them achieve their goals and improve their performance.

With experience in technical management and quality assurance, Nancy has a wealth of knowledge in coaching and motivating production staff to work in alignment with company policies and multiple quality standards. She is skilled in finding practical solutions to problems and analysing systems and procedures to identify areas for improvement. Nancy is an excellent trainer who has trained colleagues and production staff to build skills and confidence, improve efficiency, streamline processes, and optimise output.

As a team leader, Nancy has been responsible for the logistics department, the sampling department, and the Eukaryotic Cell Production team. She is a detail-oriented professional with a focus on efficiency who has successfully planned and executed production runs. She is also experienced in collaborating to manage the start-up of an automated process of Eukaryotic Cell Production, leveraging technology and expertise to achieve optimal results.

Overall, Nancy is an exceptional Leadership and Executive Coach who is experienced in coaching and training CEOs and executive leaders. With her excellent communication skills and ability to build strong relationships with clients, Nancy is a valuable asset to any organization looking to improve its leadership and management capabilities.